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Learn to create Your Unique Style. With your Best Colors, Cuts, Lines, Prints, and Accessories.

Personal Image Consulting

I am here to help you to find your style and save you time and money in the process. 

Helping You to look your very Best!

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Create your unique personal style with your very best colors, cuts, lines, prints and accessories. In this course with 2 hours of content, you will discover how you can look your absolute very best. Make a harmonious, authentic impression and feel good about it! Wearing your best colors will make you look younger, healthier and slimmer. Also, how to strategically wear lines, prints, textures, fabrics, and accessories. Fine tune your personal and professional style – the basis for a successful, lasting image and save time and money.

Define your Personality Style

Discover your best colors

Know your Body Type

Declutter your wardrobe and and organize it perfectly

Be a smart shopper and never buy a wrong piece again

What Is Image Consulting?
Why Is It for You?

It is simply the way to look your absolute best!
Wearing your best colors will make you look younger, healthier and slimmer. Strategically wear colors, lines, prints, textures, and fabrics. Fine tune your personal and professional style. This the basis for a successful, lasting image.

Color Seasons

The colors you should be wearing are based on your skin complexion, hair, and eye color. There are four color types called Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn which each has there own set of colors.

Body Types

Together with your figure type, which can be either apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle, this determines the colors and cuts you should wear.

Personality Style

Beside your Color Season, your Personality-Style is the way of how you express your personality with your appearance. A woman who dresses with taste shows that she loves fashion, but she only chooses what flatters her personality style 100% and makes her shine. You are an individual, uniquely made.

About Me

I am Astrid Feichter, and I am your European Color, Style + Image consultant, in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is my goal to help you refine your personal style and save you time and money in the process.
Originally from Salzburg, Austria, my European background and my feel for fashion will give that special touch to your wardrobe. With over 15 years of experience in design and a good sense of color and fashion, I successfully showed thousands of people discover their own personal style, organize their closets and simplify their lives.
I am a Certified Instructor for “Style Consulting and Color and Wardrobe Analysis” and have been trained through COLCO International Institute for Color, Style and Image in Munich, Germany. Having studied fashion design, marketing, and media design, I have helped many companies as a Marketing and Design Expert to succeed in their business goals.
I am excited to show you how to strategically wear colors, lines, prints, textures, and fabrics that make you look and feel your absolute best.

Coaching Resources

Online Class

In this course on Udemy you will discover how you can look your absolute very best, with your personal Colors. Make a harmonious, authentic impression and feel good about it.

Beautiful YOU!

In this book, I will show you how to analyze your personal Color Season and how wearing YOUR best colors will make you look younger, healthier and slimmer.

Personal Coaching

Let’s get it done together! I am here to help you to fine-tune your personal and professional style and save you time and money in the process. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Get in touch with me and discover your new Style!


“The color-analysis with Astrid and her styling consultancy was just pure pleasure – from start to finish for me. Especially her wardrobe-checkup and renovation showed a lot to me about “my” perfect colors and my very personal style. Astrid also showed me, what potential is in my wardrobe – she created totally new combinations and completed my wardrobe with some new basics. What I like best is to experiment with “old” and new pieces. I got a lot more sense of style … by the by, my transformation is registered by others and I get some admiring looks 😉 – what a great feeling!

My résumé: “we will only buy “our” personal 100% pieces. My dear Astrid, thank you so much for the lovely shopping days with you – they are over and over again a great experience. I am looking very much forward to having some more with you – preferably as soon as possible, wherever, either in Atlanta or in Salzburg …”

Kornelia – Salzburg/Austria

Astrid is truly an expert about color, image and style.She is so passionate about her work and you can tell it. She immediately puts you at ease, answering questions and giving tons of useful advice. I wasn’t aware of how choosing the right color can completely change the way you look. 
I fell more confident after meeting with Astrid, her energy and positivity are contagious, she is so warm, knowledgeable and fun. She gave me ‘the tools’ to choose what suits me best. Now, I walked into a shop without feeling overwhelmed and knowing what I really need in terms of color and style. Outstanding service!!!

Gladis – Atlanta/USA

“For enjoying a fully competent, personal and all-around likable color and style consultancy, I cannot imagine anything better, than spending a couple of hours with Astrid!

Regrettably, no shopping with Astrid anymore, because she lives in Atlanta now.

I’ve learned that not only color but also fabric, cut and pattern play a decisive role (I was not aware of that until then) and are very important and unique to every individual styling. Astrid quickly identified my personality style(I chose the wrong patterns) and showed and explained it to me – I am very thankful for. I feel just authentic now, the clothing that we choose made me feel relaxed and confident.

Astrid gave me many fabulous ideas about styles … and showed me many combinations in my wardrobe, I did not see before! The Shopping tour with Astrid was a great experience for me – in an easy casual way I bought some wonderful additions to my wardrobe. Even today, when I go shopping, I think about Astrids’ practical tips, helpful suggestions, and ideas …

Well, I can highly recommend Astrids’ consultancy to everybody!”

Nicole – Salzburg/Austria

I just wanted to get an idea of the different color types, but this course is much more. It gave me a jump start about colors, my style and what fits me best. It’s very detailed, and some capitals are a little long, but it’s worth to go through it. The instructor has a warm and pleasant voice, and the course is well structured and easy to follow.”

Giovanna – USA

“I was very pleased with Astrids’ very kind way of doing her color and style consultancy. She is truly amazing at what she does. I had a lot of fun to discover my personal colors and afterward to go shopping with her.

The result: many beautiful outfits that emphasize my style, are classy and complimented my body – Astrid gave me a lot of tips I can easily implement in my everyday life – what a difference she made in my wardrobe!”

Gundi, 63 – Salzburg/Austria

After meeting with Astrid, I feel better about my clothing and accessories! With her advice, I had a better idea of how to maximize my existing wardrobe and learned how to be a better shopper. Learning about which colors work for me made me feel great! I highly recommend Astrid to anyone who wants a personal approach to living well, feeling good and looking their best!

Gen – Morgan Hill/USA

I struggle with picking clothes due to my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and do better when giving myself some parameters to shop within.

This was very effective in helping me to understand what will suit me without making me feel boxed in.

I feel calmer making decisions now, I’m glad I took the course.

Jasmine – USA

“Find more testimonials at Udemy.com